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the Jubilee series

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Asger Jorn (1914-1973) produced Jubilæumsserien (the Jubilee Series) in 1963 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his collaboration with the graphic workshop Permild & Rosengreen.

The series comprises 24 lithographs (20 in colour) and an edition of 50 copies was printed by Permild & Rosengreen in Copenhagen.
Jorn’s gallerist Børge Birch launched the Jubilee Series at a gallery exhibition in 1963.
The abstract expressionist style of the Jubilee Series is the result of one of several experiments in graphic art carried out by the artist.
When he produced the Jubilee Series, Jorn used strands of wool instead of brushes and he rolled marbles with printing ink across the printing stone.

To celebrate the Asger Jorn centenary in 2014, Museum Jorn will be reissuing a series of 6 posters with motifs from the Jubilee Series.
The series reproduced in this portfolio is printed in an edition of 1,000 copies by Vejle Print with support from Silkeborg Håndværkerforening and Deloitte, Silkeborg. Cover layout: Jørn Rasmussen. Photos: Lars Bay.
© Museum Jorn, Silkeborg

Link to each lithograph will follow.

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