Local Ways to Global Art

Local Ways to Global Art

The art route, Local Ways to Global Art, offers world-class art experiences and architectural masterpieces in beautiful surroundings. These unique experiences tell captivating stories of industrious and foresighted people who have had an immense impact on the present, both locally and nationally. Together, they tell stories of innovative and passionate people: artists as well as business people, and local entrepreneurs with an innate passion for art, and not least – with the will and strength to go against the tide and think big.

In addition to Museum Jorn, the route consists of the museums Heart in Herning, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft and Aros in Aarhus.

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Museum Jorn: Enjoy international art in a charming setting by the Gudenåen river

Low-ceilinged, renowned wooden flooring, attentive staff, and intimate art experiences in beautiful natural surroundings. Museum Jorn is a charming place with lots of art and family activities at its heart. Only 45 kilometres from Aarhus you will find Denmark's second largest art collection – in Silkeborg by the Gudenåen river at Museum Jorn with its superb art collection created by Asger Jorn, Denmark’s most prominent international artist.

Jorn's vision was not to create a museum for himself, but rather to present an artistic idea based on spontaneity, collaboration, and a Scandinavian tradition for imagery. The museum boasts the largest existing collection of Jorn's own works, but also works from several hundred other Danish and international artists. Jorn himself collected works by artists who he was inspired by, or worked along the same lines as. Thus, the museum has works by artists such as Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, the Cobra movement, Lucio Fontana, and Per Kirkeby. The museum presents top-level special exhibitions.

Silkeborg is a city with a wide range of cultural experiences and activities. Learn more here.


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