Past exhibitions

Pop-up Exhibition: Jorn’s Last Meal

10 February – 15 April 2018

The three ceramicists Louise Gaarmann, Lea Nielsen, and Mette Maya Gregersen together form the artists’ group Dirty Go Clay Band and have created the remarkable work of art Jorn’s Last Meal.

In 2016, these young budding artists were awarded a scholarship to work at Asger Jorn’s former studio on the isle of Læsø. During their stay, the group began exploring the objects in the house: photos, newspaper articles, cuttings, furniture – all from Jorn’s time. This research kindled their curiosity in discovering what Jorn’s last meal might have been like.

So, in connection with the Aarhus Capital of Culture 2017, the group did a clay performance on the theme of Jorn’s Last Meal. In the course of seven days and with 1600 kg of clay at their disposal, the group created a 220 cm long table on which objects from Jorn’s house were recreated. Musical instruments which Jorn liked to play on social occasions, spirits, sandwiches, and tobacco are all symbolic elements in this work of art. The finished sculpture was later fired at the brickyard Petersen Tegl.

Dirty Go Clay Band is a band of ceramicists. Its members are Mette Maya Gregersen, Lea Nielsen, and Louise Gaarmann, who are both friends and colleagues. Together, the band works to create art. They meet for practice sessions and apply the rule that one work must be completed at each session. In other words, no tooling or finishing touches are allowed later.

The band believes strongly in the ’moment’, the time when one is fully present and attentive in life. Their prime concern is to freeze such moments in a ceramic work.

Photographer: Thomas Drejer


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