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Illustration: Asger Jorn, The Disturbed Duckling, 1959 © Donation Jorn, Silkeborg

Materials - Motifs - Minds

Aspects from the Jorn collection

19 Jube - 13. December 2015

Since the 1950s, Asger Jorn (1914-1973) had been collecting international contemporary art. The collection documents Jorn’s many encounters with inspiring and stimulating artists from all over the world. Jorn referred to them as ‘memorabilia from my times’. However, the Jorn collection is much more than just a museum of personal memories. It offers a glimpse into Asger Jorn’s multifarious conceptual universe and the innumerable facets of his own art.

To Jorn, art was not merely decorative. It was a tool with which to change the world. He explored life through materials and motivic traditions in order to find new modes of expression and a more varied discourse on art and the great themes of everyday life.

The exhibition Materials - Motifs - Minds focused on four essential aspects of Asger Jorn’s art collection and views on art: Games and experiments presented a selection of experiments undertaken by Jorn and other artists using different materials and design processes. The popular aspect showed how artists were inspired by motifs and techniques from naďve and traditional popular art. At the same time, there were examples of Jorn’s longing to discover a universal idiom. Collectivism offered a glimpse into Jorn’s collaborative strategies. Discussion and commitment presented art that is political and provocative – art that is meant to promote, discuss, and rethink certain attitudes. Visitors were able to take an active part in the exhibition by questioning the many dimensions that exist in visual art.

Illustration: Asger Jorn, The Disturbed Duckling, 1959
© Donation Jorn, Silkeborg


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