Past exhibitions


24 June – 3 September 2017

Asger Jorn was fascinated by Japanese art for several decades. Already in the 1940s, he became interested in Far Eastern art and the poetic calligraphic characters combining textual abstract symbolism with the huge visual potential of images. During the 1950s, Jorn and his fellow artists – notably his friends from the Cobra group, who lived in Paris – experimented in drawing with words and linking writing and images. During the 1960s, Jorn acquired some old Japanese colour woodcuts which, together with a journey to Japan in 1970, was to have a profound influence on his subsequent graphic production.

The exhibition aims to illustrate Jorn’s relationship with Japan through art from the collection. In addition to ancient Japanese colour woodcuts and traditional kites, works by Pierre Alechinsky, Mogens Balle, Christian Dotremont, Antonio Saura, Yasse Tabuchi, Shiryu Morita, Henri Michaux, and Asger Jorn will be on show.


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