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JENS BIRKEMOSE I'm not done yet...

23 February – 26 May 2019

Jens Birkemose (b.1943) is one of Denmark’s most versatile and provocative artists. For more than fifty years, he has challenged Danish and international audiences with sensational installations and assemblages pregnant with poetry, sensuality, and motifs from popular culture. Striving to cross boundaries with his art, Jens Birkemose interlinks graphic techniques, photography, painting, literature, and sculptural form. His opulent works are characterised by a creative urge nourished by his complex reflection on the subconscious. Birkemose’s art operates in an interface between human instinct and moral-ethical conventions. His impulsive and, at times, voyeuristic imagery unlocks suppressed emotions and thoughts – for the artist and viewers alike.

Although Birkemose has made his mark on the Danish art scene for decades with pioneering solo exhibitions and publications of high artistic quality, he has never, in the past 25 years, been celebrated with a major retrospective exhibition. The comprehensive presentation of Jens Birkemose at Museum Jorn, therefore, contributes significantly to adding a finishing touch to one of the most important chapters of recent Danish art history.

Jens Birkemose grew up in Copenhagen. He is a trained pianist and music historian from the Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg, and the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen. He trained as a visual artist at the art academies in Copenhagen and Paris, respectively. Birkemose has been a member of the artists’ associations Decembristerne and Grønningen, and he has been awarded a number of prizes and honours, among these the lifelong grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. Jens Birkemose’s art is represented at a number of public institutions and art museums in Denmark and abroad.


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