Past exhibitions

CO Hultén

The Swedish Cobra Painter

19 March - 19 June 2016

In 2016 it is 100 years ago, the Swedish Cobra painter CO Hultén was born. He was 98 years old, and one of his last wishes was to be allowed to exhibit at Museum Jorn. As a member of Cobra Hultén worked in a free and spontaneous expression . He experimented with the material selection and was inspired by Paul Klee and of African art. The exhibition includes painting, gouache, drawings a sample of Hulténs studio and a selection of his collection of African sculpture very high quality.

The exhibition has been organized by Museum Jorn in partnership with Skovhuset.

Illustration: CO Hultén: Untitled, 1948-49. ©CO Hultén

The exhibition is supported by:
Barbra Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
Oticon Fonden
A.P. Mortensen og Hustrus Legat
Safe TransArt


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