Past exhibitions

Svend-Allan Sørensen

Country And Concept

16 July - 15 September 2013

Museum Jorn focuses on experimental graphics with young Danish artist in summer of 2013

With over 10,000 works on paper carries Museum Jorn's collections clearly influenced by Asger Jorn's interest in the printed artwork. Therefore, the museum wants to run up to Jorn's 100th anniversary in 2014 is not signed by the big European names alone. Jorn's artistic eye sowing often younger artists and works that weighted experiment and chance rather than the incumbent . He believed that art should always reflect his own time . A thought , which of course is current to this day .

Svend- Allan Sørensen
Museum Jorn is proud to invite installation tastes , hunter and graphic designer , Svend- Allan Sørensen (b. 1975) in the drawing gallery at Museum Jorn. Svend- Allan Sørensen was born in Jutland Kjellerup , currently residing in Odense and graduated from Funen Art Academy in 2002. He has worked in many genres , but the exhibition at the Museum Jorn focuses on the artist's graphic work.

Svend- Allan Sørensen already has many exhibitions behind him , but none of these have focused on the graphic to a greater extent . Museum Jorn therefore sees a unique opportunity to develop precisely the side of the young artist's production in context - through more than 100 brand new and not yet exhibited lithographs , etchings , linoleum and woodcuts.

The exhibition Country and Concept is a current exhibition which shows Svend- Allan Sørensen's graphic production as it unfolds and develops in the moment - which it does at a rapid pace!

The exhibition consists of over 100 newly produced works that Svend- Allan Sørensen do include the Faroe Islands - armed with a Remington 870 shotgun cal 12/76 , novels , photographs, lithographic stones , acid, and , not least , professional assistance from the press Jan Andersson from Faroe lithographic workshop < em> Steinprent < / em >, which among other things also press for Per Kirkeby. In addition, being several of the works for which unique woodcut of the artist's own garden in Odense using a halvrusten drum press, old countertops, a clothesline and a spoon.

The Jutland mud
In his graphic work shows Svend- Allan Sørensen his brutally honest compared to the actual materials - ink , wood , stone , press and plate. The graphics materiality and its analogue , printed nature. Many of the workers are in the intersection between word and image where the meanings are formed , switches and broken. Svend- Allan Sørensen's works are often associated with whimsy , playfulness and curiosity. Both installations with stuffed prey in strange poses and the whimsical bird- filled phrases with double meanings and references.

In many of the works from the brand new , graphic production suggest , however, that there is a dawning seriously going on in the young artist. Lunet is still present, but it gets increasingly joined by a sensual and poetic expression that is at once more refined and more violently . Svend- Allan Sørensen talks about the need to " relate to the Jutland mud from which he comes " - the hunter and the hunted , the rural and the language , naturalness and rigor .

All these elements and aspects are brought into play in the exhibition Country and Concept, which unfolds a young artist's graphic production and love to the experiment and ink . Museum Jorn is very pleased to be able to show the many new works and share an eye-opening experience with the audience this summer.


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