Museum Membership

The museum association's statutes

16 June 2011

The association’s purpose is to support Museum Jorn and offer members artistic and aesthetic experiences.

The name is Museumsforening Jorn (‘Jorn museum Association’), and the association is domiciled at Museum Jorn.

Any interested person may become a member of the association by contacting Museum Jorn.

a) The association is managed by a board of five members.
b) Museum management shall appoint one member, and four are to be elected at the annual general meeting from among the association’s members.
c) The board shall elect its own chairman, and determine its procedures.

a) The regular general meeting is held each year in June, and called with at least 14 days’ notice, via announcements in local newspapers or written communications to the members.
b) Motions to be debated at the general meeting must be submitted to the board no later than 8 days previous to the meeting.
c) An supplementary general meeting is held when the board or one third of the association’s members so request.
d) All decisions at the general meeting shall be determined by simple majority vote.
e) For proposed statutory changes, see §8.

Agenda for the general meeting:
1. Election of chairman.
2. The museum association board presents the accounting and financial report for the previous season.
3. Questions regarding the account and financial report.
4. Approval of the museum association’s financial report.
5. Received written proposals.
6. The board informs on the application of a possible surplus.
7. Establishment of member fees for the coming year.
8. Election of members to the museum association’s board of directors, in accordance with § 6, para. a.
9. Election of members to the art museum’s board of directors, in accordance with § 6, para. b.
10. Election of alternate to the art museum’s board of directors, in accordance with § 6, para. c.
11. Miscellaneous.
12. Museums Director’s report for the museum’s operations during the previous year.

a) Election of four members to the museum association’s board, for a two-year period. Two are elected in odd years, and two are elected in even years.
b) Election of three members to the art museum’s board, for a three-year period. One is elected each year.
c) Election of one alternate to the art museum’s board, for a one-year period.
d) All general meeting attendees who have been museum association members for a minimum of three months prior to the general meeting are eligible for election and to vote.
e) There are no proxy votes.

a) Member fees are established at the annual general meeting and devolve on Museum Jorn. The association has a secretariat at Museum Jorn.
b) Museum Jorn pays necessary expenses for convening the general meeting and the like.
c) The financial report, which follows the calendar year, is kept by the secretariat at Museum Jorn, as the financial report on revenue from member fees and the necessary expenses are recorded as separate entries in Museum Jorn’s financial report, and audited along with those made by the museum’s auditor.
d) The financial report is approved at the general meeting.

a) The statutes may only be changed by a general meeting, when at least half of the members are present, and at least two thirds of them vote. Should such a general meeting be inconclusive, another general meeting shall be convened within a month, and at this general meeting, the statutory changes in question may be passed by a simple majority vote, regardless of the number of members present.
b) Proposed statutory changes must be submitted to the board no later than six weeks preceding the date fixed for the general meeting.

a) The dissolution of the Jorn Museum Association may only occur at a regular general meeting, when at least half the members are present, and two thirds of them vote, or at two to successive supplementary general meetings by a simple majority vote.
b) Any possible surplus in the museum association’s financial report accrues to Museum Jorn.


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