In depth research material

Museum Jorn regards research as an important aspect of the museum’s operations.

The museum owns an extensive and highly regarded collection of works by Danish and foreign artists, and a vast selection of archived material, relating not only Asger Jorn, but also more generally to individual Danish artists, and those from other parts of Europe. This enables us to explore various aspects of art history in depth, or provide researchers with serious research assistance.

For the dissemination of research to the interested general public, we maintain our ‘space for exploring in depth’, called the ‘Cobra Forum’, and our website. Both were recently established in the spring of 2010, and are continuously expanded.

At Museum Jorn we have a tradition, which goes back to Asger Jorn’s time, of preparing indexes of the works of individual artists. The index is an important tool for providing an overview of an artist’s output, development and contemporary standing, when the work of a lifetime may otherwise be scattered across the globe.

The museum has its own publishing house, and over the years has published an extensive series of books about artists’ whose work is in the collection. The museum’s previous name – Silkeborg Kunstmuseum – lends its name to the publishing house: Silkeborg kunstmuseums Forlag.


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