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Pierre Alechinsky

Pierre Alechinsky

From the Collection

29 June - 19 August 2012
For many years, Pierre Alechinsky has been one of the leading figures of the international art scene. He was one of the youngest members of the CoBrA group and has been in close collaboration with Asger Jorn. This summer, Museum Jorn proudly presents a large exhibition of Alechinsky’s fantastic artwork from its own collection.

Alechinsky is left handed. He was born in Brussels in 1927 and was forced to write with his right hand at school during the 1930s. His left hand was only allowed to perform activities considered unimportant, such as drawing.

At the age of 17, he began studying book illustration and typography, and five years later became a member of the CoBrA group (Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, 1948-51). Since Alechinsky became a world renowned artist, his iconic black and white ink drawings, colourful graphic prints and paintings have been exhibited across the globe.

Alechinsky has had exhibitions at both the MoMA and the Guggenheim in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, but also at Lousiana, KUNSTEN and Museum Jorn in Denmark. He has received numerous awards, the Order of Dannebrog and his respected work has adorned The National Assembly, The Ministry of Culture and The Ministry of Education in Paris, a metro station in Brussels and of course not to forget the inner courtyard of Museum Jorn, amongst others.


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