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Asger Jorn, Portrait de Trois Imprimeurs (Portrait of Three Printers), 1955.

My Jorn

100 Favorites!

4 October – 7 December 2014

Many Danish people know of a good story about Asger Jorn, and his paintings hang in private homes across the country. They give a lot of joy to the owners, but are rarely displayed to the public.

On the occasion of Jorn's 100th birthday, Museum Jorn invited 30 private collectors to exhibit their favorite Jorn work. We also asked the owners to tell us what significance the artwork has for them.

In addition, the museum also invited a number of opinion leaders and Silkeborg-citizens to choose precisely the work in the museum's large collection of Jorn's art, which are particularly interesting or important to them.

The exhibition showed 100 works by Jorn, but additionally presented 100 individual and personal stories about the Danish people's relationship wirh the popular and sometimes quite elitist artist Asger Jorn.

Illustration: Asger Jorn, Portrait of Three Printers, 1955
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