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Dubuffet | Prints from the collection

19 January - 2 June 2013

“Each day is a celebration. Each day holds thousands of wonders, and the true art consists of making us sensitive to this festivity […]. The things which are visible form our normal point of view, are not all that there is to see. You can see so much more; vivacious, exciting or delicate – just by bending down and picking up a little soil in the palm of your hand.”
This is what Noël Arnaud wrote in 1961, in the catalogue for the first exhibition of Dubuffet’s work in Silkeborg.
Absorbed by the greatness in small things, by details in all matter and in nature, Jean Dubuffet entices us into contemplation and presence.

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) was a French painter and sculptor. The son of a wine wholesaler, his first 40 years oscillated between art and the wine trade - but in the end he chose art.
Dubuffet’s first independent exhibition took place in 1944 in Paris, where the curious, primitive and naive figurative works cause a stir. He found his inspiration in paintings made by children, the deranged and the unschooled artists. This type of art - which he named Art brut (Outsider Art) – was to have a great influence on his own art. Here Dubuffet found the true raw materials of art, which he contrasted with the academically schooled art. The naive expression is reflected in Dubuffet’s portrait collages and in the manner of his drawings.
Dubuffet was also intrigued by architecture and sculpture. In the 1960s he worked on sculptures of an architectural nature, of which the large ceramic piece at the entrance to the museum is a great specimen.

Asger Jorn met Dubuffet in the late 50s and took part in working on the Art Brut collection, which is currently housed in its own museum in Lausanne (Collection de l’art brut Laussane). Together, Dubuffet and Jorn conducted experiments in sound and music where they played various instruments. Jorn began collecting Dubuffet’s prints for Silkeborg, and Dubuffet’s donation of a large part of his prints to the museum means that Museum Jorn now owns a complete collection of prints made by Jean Dubuffet.


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