New museum

A New Museum Jorn

Ministry of Disruption

In close collaboration, Silkeborg Municipality and Museum Jorn wish to develop a new museum – the working title of which is the Ministry of Disruption. Besides relocating Museum Jorn to the centre of Silkeborg, the project involves an entirely new museum concept which will reflect Asger Jorn’s visionary ideas and act as a creative world-class power centre.

With a new location and a brand-new building, Museum Jorn will become the architectural landmark of Silkeborg as well as an international attraction in a league of its own, capable of attracting visitors from around the world, knitting the city together, combining culture and nature, and bringing life, zest, and communal activities to the heart of Silkeborg.

At present, we house Denmark’s second-largest art collection, which generates considerable interest and demand at home and abroad. Via collaborative projects involving museums across the world, we have established a powerful international network, offering us the opportunity to stage exhibitions at a level granted only few. This development makes it abundantly clear that the museum’s present physical framework is neither adequate nor in keeping with the times.

The international art collection established and placed in Silkeborg by Asger Jorn is a unique and precious resource, which has been extended considerably since Jorn’s time and translated into ever more successful exhibition and presentation programmes. In recent years, we have experimented with ways to learn from, and embrace, Jorn in exhibitions, events, activities, collaborative projects, and educational initiatives. We have set challenges for ourselves, local people, visitors, and businesses through art and the breaking of habits to discover new paths and collaborative opportunities. With the Ministry of Disruption, we will be able to unfold the massive potential contained in Museum Jorn.

A new Museum Jorn will enable us to challenge the habitual idea of an art museum: by establishing a Ministry of Disruption, we will create a space that is based on art and will challenge, surprise, disrupt, and inspire us to break habits and boundaries and to view the world anew. A space not limited by physical walls, but entering into dialogue with its surroundings, making art and creativity an integral part of city life and the surrounding nature. With the Ministry of Disruption, we will create an open and inclusive art museum where everyone feels welcome and everyone will have an opportunity to experience relevant, disruptive, and enriching art. An art museum with space for knowledge and adult education.

The intention of the Ministry of Disruption is to inspire creative wildness, audacity, and experiment in a striking building, stimulating cultural life, tourism, and attracting newcomers to Silkeborg.

The Ministry of Disruption will be a central part of the urban development in Silkeborg. In collaboration with the philanthropic association Realdania, Silkeborg Municipality, Museum Jorn, and a number of local stakeholders an architecture competition was held for a total masterplan for the lakeside and harbour area in Silkeborg. The competition finished in April 2019 and the architect’s studio EFFEKT was selected as the winner. As part of this competition, the most suitable site for a new Museum Jorn has been selected and the new location of the museum is set to be the car park west of the town hall near the lake Silkeborg Langsø. Like a throbbing heart in the city centre, the museum will become a natural meeting point, knitting together the city and activating the urban space. With its wealth of experiences and activities, a new Museum Jorn will literally make art and creativity the hub of city life.

In 2019, Museum Jorn worked, among other things, to develop a vision for the Ministry of Disruption and is now, in collaboration with Silkeborg Municipality, working on a conceptual programme for the new museum, which will serve as a basis for an architecture competition.


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