Café Cobra


Café Menu – selection of food

All Day

11.00 - 16.00

Croissant….. 20,-

Croissant with stuffing ….. 50,-
Smoked cheese créme with cucumber and radishes

Bread and cheese….. 45,-
Homemade roll, served with two kinds of cheese, butter and greens

Lunch from 12.00 – 15.00 and Evening (Thursdays) until 20.00

Rye bread sandwich….. 110,-
Mixed green salats, sprouts and honey-/dijondressing

Choose between:
  • Hot smoked salmon créme
  • Redbeet-hummus

Jorn's Lunch Salat….. 140,-
Turmeric bulgur on a bed of mixed green salat and edamame-beans with honey-/dijondressing. Topped with feta, olive, estragon-marinated red onions, sprouts and sunseeds roasted with soy-sauce. Homemade bread and butter.

Choose between:
  • Hot smoked salmon créme and olives
  • Redbeet-hummus and feta
  • Smoked ham

Jorn burger..... 150,-
with aioli, cheddar cheese, salad, rocket salad, raw food and pickled red onion.

Choose between:
  • Pulled pork
  • Pulled soy (vegetarian)

Served with turmeric potatoes, and chili aioli (gluten free bun + 10,-)

Cobra Tapas plate….. 175,-
Hot smoked salmon, a pick of chacuterie, cheese and some sweets

Hot drinks

Organic tea and coffee
Tea, Pukka .....25,-
Black Coffee ..... 30,-
Espresso ..... 30,-
Cafe Latte ..... 35,-
Cappuccino ..... 35,-
Hot chocolate ..... 35,-

Cold Drinks

Bottled Water ..... 20,-
Brick of julce, organic ..... 20,-
Juice, organic ..... 35,-
Beer, organic ..... 40,-
Wine, organic ..... 55,-/225,-

We cook from our core values: Quality products - hostmanship - passion for poetic food


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