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Jorn and Picasso in Antibes, October 1946. © Succession Picasso/ 2013

Jorn <<< Picasso

Myths & Meetings

7 September - 8 December 2013

The classical lines of Picasso meets the Nordic color richness of Jorn in a labyrinthine built exhibition. When Jorn is coupled with Picasso, suddenly new designs, contexts and meanings appears in the works of Jorn.

In 1946, Jorn crossed the bombed Europe in order to meet his source of inspiration, Pablo Picasso, in Antibes, France. The meeting is a milestone for Jorn, and after the meeting with Picasso and the Mediterranean Sea, suddenly fauns, owls, sea urchins and weeping women appears in Jorns work.

It has taken three years to build the exhibition, which consists of 154 works of Jorn and Picasso. To show the very special relationship between the two artists, Museum Jorn has loaned 58 works by Picasso, 26 oil paintings by Jorn and special works in ceramics, graphics, and paper from a total of 35 museums and private collections all over Europe and Israel.

The exhibition was accompanied by an illustrated catalogue. Go to webshop...

© Succession Picasso/ 2013


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