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Pierre Alechinsky

Flora Danica

23 January – 22 May 2011
In his series Flora Danica the Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky (b. 1927) takes his starting point in the copper engraved plates of the book series with the same title.
The huge botanical work comprising 51 volumes + 3 supplementary volumes was published between 1761 and 1883.
A total of 3,240 plates provide life-size renderings of all the wild plants that grew in the kingdom of Denmark.

Several copies of the complete work have been preserved intact, others have been broken up over the years and the colourful plates sold individually. Alechinsky used the plates which at first glance appeared less attractive and decorated them with ink.
Pierre Alechinsky met Jorn in the Cobra movement and was strongly influenced by him in his first years of painting. In connection with the inauguration of the museum's new west wing in 1998 he created a large mural, Pensées de pinceau [Thoughts of a Brush] for the inner courtyard, where it can still be seen.
Alechinsky lives and works in Bougival near Paris, France.

The exhibition shows the Flora Danica series:
1982 (4 plates), 1988 (32 plates) and 1990 (14 plates)
24 x 40 cm. Pencil, Indian ink and watercolor on paper.


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