Past exhibitions

Jorn and artist colleagues in Albissola, Italy, in 1954. Photo: Henny Riemens

Jorn's donation

12 June - 15 August 2010

Since the museum Jorn opened after renovation in March, was the collection of Asger Jorn paintings, ceramics and sculpture so much space and air. This meant that you could only see a small part of the many works of art by other artists, which is also part of Asger Jorn's collections.
It redress this imbalance now, by the summer of that broad Jorn collections over most of the museum.

The special feature of Jorn's collections is that they represent a single person - an artist - vision of his predecessors and contemporaries in the art, and Jorn did not hide the fact that the artworks were selected after what he had personally found important as inspiration for its own development as an artist and for the development of art in the broader perspective of the 20th century.
In round numbers consist Jorn gift for Silkeborg of 5,000 works by 150 artists of many nationalities including Asger Jorn himself. The many works of art have come to the museum over a period of 20 years from 1953 to Jorn's death made in 1973.

Some of the works, especially those from generations older than Jorn himself purchased - expensive or cheap - because Jorn wanted to show just those in its presentation of the development of art.
Other, mostly Jorn contemporaries whom he consorted or even worked with have come here in exchange for Jorn's own paintings. And some come from artists who Jorn had supported financially and which gave the paintings in return.
Overall gives Jorn donation insight into the spontaneous-abstract art's development from its roots in particular Danish art and its sources of inspiration in German expressionism and especially in surrealism. And the same expression development following highlights like Harvest Group in Denmark and international successor Cobra.


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