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fluid | an exhibition under the porject water

28 August - 24 Oktober 2010

Life-giving , mysterious and deadly . The water as a metaphor for the mind states is a recurring theme in art . Especially the surrealist artists were concerned with the subconscious intangible image flows and exhibition Fluid put Symbolist and Surrealist works in an unfamiliar environment .
The works were all from Museum Jorn's own collection. A total of 25 paintings ranged in time from 1894 to 1948 and pointed generally in different ways gaze " turn inward " in art.
© Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen,1935

The dreamy and distinctive pictorial universe has been staged by the set designer Sus Haugland and lighting designer Kasper Stouenborg in the museum's dark basement.

With the combination of light installations that create unreal slow-motion effects, fragmentary reflections and audio set-pieces attached to the works, the exhibition focuses on sensory and mood creation, and on art's journey into the human mind.

As a focal point in the tussle with the invisible reality, the works are included in a total installation, in which the visitor's own imagination and reflection is triggered through the sensual experience of the whole.

Fluidum thus places itself in the intersection between theatre and art exhibition, between the spontaneously experienced and the intellectual, and offers the visitors an alternative art experience. Light, sound and motion combine with the works to lift the mood from the depths to the surface.

The exhibition will be partnered by an interactive WATER PORTAL in the museum's lobby, which allows the public to learn more about the works, create their own digital artwork, blog with others about the exhibition and look at what is happening with the three other water-exhibitions in the region.

You can also use your own body to make the water portal wave and shower, or possibly visit the WATER's Facebook profile, where you can participate in contests, make videos and much more.

An exhibition project across the region

Fluidum is a part of project WATER. WATER is a collaboration between: The Culture Prince, the Children's Cultural Development Centre, Carte Blanche, Horsens Art Museum, Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, Randers EgnsTeater, Randers Art Museum and Skovgaard Museum. In autumn 2010, a series of exhibitions and performances especially for children and adolescents was created, in which art and theatre meet.
These can be experienced in Horsens, Randers, Silkeborg and Viborg. Water is the thematic foundation, as all four cities are located by rivers, fjords and lakes. But just as water has many different forms, there is a diversity in the way the water is used. The water reflects its surroundings, the water may have dangerous undercurrents, and water can leave traces that cannot be washed off. Jump into the water!

The project is supported by
Kulturministeriet/Puljen til kultur i hele landet
[Ministry of Culture/The cultural pot throughout the country]

Kulturregion Østjysk Vækstbånd
[The Cultural Region of East Jutland's Growth band]

Region Midtjylland
[The Central Denmark Region]

Kulturarvsstyrelsens Formidlingspulje
[The Cultural Heritage Authority’s Dissemination Pot]

about the WATER project, exhibitions and performances in the information booklet HERE (opens in new window) or on the project's own website

Contributing institutions:
The Culture Prince, The Children's Cultural Development Centre
Randers Art Museum
Horsens Art Museum
Skovgaard Museum
Carte Blanche
Randers EgnsTeater


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