Past exhibitions

Egill Jacobsen, 1945

Egill Jacobsen

Drawings and watercolours

5 June - 5 August 2010
In the summer of 2010 Egill Jacobsen would have turned 100 years old.
This is an excellent opportunity to show the many drawings from Egill and Evelyn Jacobsen's Foundation, as we keep on Museum Jorn, which was last exhibited together in 2003 - 2004 on the museum's major exhibition of Egill Jacobsen's paintings and drawings in the fund's ownership.

The 130 light watercolors and drawings, often done with crayons, spans most of Egill Jacobsen's career, with the most weight in the last part. He was known to destroy the parts of his prior work that was no longer interesting for him.

Egill Jacobsen is always recognizable. His motifs are the simplest conceivable limited to the mask, the stylized facial features, the mood immediately intelligible.
And yet located in several of the drawings and watercolors some layers of disturbing or speculative nature which testify that the work of the repeating motif has been more important for Egill Jacobsen than just the outer repetition and variation on a theme.
The small drawings and watercolors differs from the painting by their faster coming into being and thus the more skinless appearance of the artist behind.


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