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6 November - 5 December 2010
Borgens assembly is characterized in that it embraces very wide. There is a great diversity in the collection, it moves over several art movements, it moves with the times and it contains works by artists from much of Europe and other countries.

The variation in the work of the Committee is partly because there has been no predetermined agenda for the couple's shopping. They acquired the works whichever accused and inspired them. It has been the immediate impression of the art that has been the deciding factor when new art should be bought into. The motivation has been the love of art rather than financial speculation.

Jarl Borgen describes the art collection and purchases as follows:

"... there is in the collection a variety of styles and many artist names. Few artists are represented by several works. Danish art takes up much of the collection, but really we have even more desire to find the most unusual experiences in art from other countries, especially countries and artists who have little or no presence in Denmark. " (Siksi, 1987) .

Works on Paper reflects this diversity. One can clearly see the curiosity, spontaneity and joy of art, which is the collection's driving force.

Jarl Borgen started Borgen Publishers in 1948. The publishing house , which was housed in a villa in Valby, has been home to a large part of their art collection , which made the company to a whole cabinet of curiosities in themselves . Walls were was in addition decorated by the artist Poul Gernes , so the working environment at the publishing house was greatly influenced by Jytte and Jarl Borgen's love of art .

As Borgen Publishers due to economy shifted headquarters earlier this year from their villa in Valby to smaller premises , moved part of the collection of the publisher , while the remainder were transported to Museum Jorn, where it is now stored .
Borgen deposit at the museum consists of 151 works of very different character , and it contains works in the form of paintings, sculptures , ceramics and works on paper .


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