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Illustration: Per Kirkeby: 7 raderinger, nr. V, 1991

Per Kirkeby | Complete

The Intaglio Prints

31 January to 24 May 2015

Per Kirkeby (born 1938) is one of the most important living Danish artists . His oeuvre includes a rich production of paintings , sculptures , films, graphic and literary works. The artist's international reputation is in high degree attached to his paintings and sculptural works , while his impressive graphic production has not received the same attention yet . With the exhibition PER KIRKEBY COMPLETE Museum Jorn finally puts Per Kirkeby's graphics in the limelight. There appears no less than 1,200 etchings which he since 1975 regularly has donated to the museum. The collection, which is the largest in the world of its kind , has never before been presented in its entirety.

Throughout his artistic career, etching has played a significant role in Per Kirkeby. From his time at the Experimental Art School in Copenhagen in the early 1960s to today , Kirkeby has experimented with this specific graphical technique . He has made etchings in all possible sizes, tested many different etching variants and altered old records again. During his expeditions to Greenland , the Faroe Islands and Iceland heard the printing plates to the trained geologist fixed travel fixtures.

Thematically Kirkeby's etchings is often based on the artist's own observations of nature and its changes. And especially etching, gives insight into Per Kirkeby's intense occupation with the topics : remembrance , texture and process . As Per Kirkeby says: "For me, etchings is like a diary pages. A pair of copper plates in my bag or backpack makes me happy. But unlike pencil drawing on paper, the result only appear when I smear ink on the plate and make an imprint. To discover his own work, he says, is a remarkable experience. I hope that the viewers also see it as a discovery. "

In connection with the exhibition Museum Jorn publish the third and final volume in the complete ouevre of Per Kirkeby's etchings. Go to webshop

Illustration: Per Kirkeby: 7 raderinger, nr. V, 1991

The exhibition is sponsored by:
Ny Carlsbergfondet
Det Obelske Familiefond


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