Past exhibitions

In The Beginning Was the Image

Asger Jorn in the Canica Art Collection

13 February - 29 May 2016

It gives Museum Jorn great pleasure to present an exhibition featuring superior works by Asger Jorn from the Canica Art Collection, the private art collection of the Norwegian business man Stein Erik Hagen. The Canica Art Collection is one of Norway’s most extensive private art collections. It is noted for its very high quality works and art historical significance, perfectly supplementing Norwegian and foreign museum collections. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Stein Erik Hagen decorated his private home with visual art, then chiefly Norwegian paintings from the pre-1900 period.

With the exhibition ‘In the Beginning Was the Image – Asger Jorn in the Canica Art Collection’, Museum Jorn wants to focus on some of the qualities in Asger Jorn that makes his art interesting for us today – not just for art experts, but for everyone. Basically it shows what Jorn’s art can be used for and how to explore it.

To those who are perhaps less familiar with Jorn’s work, here is a piece of good advice: give yourself plenty of time. Look. Resist the temptation to pursue a single truth about a picture – often there is no simple answer, anyway. Do not let yourself be persuaded that the basic idea of the picture is evident in its title. Mobilise your imagination, see if you can discern figures and narratives and find your own interpretation of Jorn’s works. Remember that Jorn possessed a good deal of humour.

The exhibition contains approximately 40 paintings and sculptures, 15 drawings and grafical works.

Illustration: Asger Jorn: In the Beginning Was the Image, 1965. © Donation Jorn, Silkeborg.


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