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Art Is a Festival!

1 March - 14 September 2014

Museum Jorn invites you to join in the celebrations to mark Asger Jorn’s centenary. All Jorn’s friends, pals and fellow combatants will be there, too. More than 80 different artists, including Goya, Kandinsky and Pollock are represented with more than 400 works in the biggest exhibition in the history of the museum.

Instead of the epic story about a single national painter hero, the exhibition EXPO JORN – Art is a Festival! presents nothing less than a brand new view of Jorn. It unfolds a broad array of Jorn’s many facets showing Jorn to be an anti-egoist, who generously created new art and, like no one before him, shared it with the rest of us.

EXPO JORN – Art is a Festival! tells the story about how Jorn refined his artistic expression in dialogue with the major figures of his time. We witness how he reached well beyond Silkeborg, Copenhagen and Paris and, in collaboration with artists from all over the world, constantly sought to challenge the commonly recognised borders within his pictures and disturbing projects. He was constantly inviting the artists, those he agreed with as well as those he disagreed with, to join the various artists’ groups.

Come and see the variety of artistic spheres in which Jorn operated. From his roots in 10,000 years of Nordic folk art, the political world of the inter-war period, Cobra land of the post-war years and the showdown with the misanthropic and dull architecture of the welfare state. Jorn was never alone, but was constantly seeking out new travelling companions.

Join in our celebrations. Go on the journey with us. You’re never done with Jorn.


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