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Erik Gamdrup Jensen

Erik Gamdrup Jensen


28 September - 8 December 2013

Museum Jorn presented the local painter, draftsman, poet, cookbook auther, and musician, Erik Gamdrup Jensen (1953), in an exhibition that meandered between the written word and the painted narratives. The exhibition covered some of the most important themes in the work of Gamdrup - the woman, nature, and gastronomy.

Erik Gamdrup Jensen was born and raised on a sawmill in Lystrupminde, close to the town of Silkeborg. In Gamdrups poetic narratives, he brings out fairytale everyday moods, which concerns the meetings between people. This is particularly the case in the book Azul - a narrative about tiles, cafes, and father Antonio Da Silva, which begins with a random encounter and later leads the reader through the battle againts the moors, the Spanish inquisition, and one's own relationship with God.

The book is no ordinary one - not in terms of size or content. It exists in a single copy and was placed on the floor due to its size. The book, therefore, offered a physical experience of the story.

The exhibition also presented a nine metres long watercolour, named Curriculum Vitae, where the handwritten narrative in a single line led the reader through a landscape of pictures, that ran throughout the entire work and unfolded Gamdrups interpretations of his own life.

The exhibition included more than 100 works from Gamdrups poetic books with titles as Hva' så med dild (What's Up With Dild), Agurketid (Silly Season), Varmeværket (Heating Plant), Hvorfor maurerne (Why Moors), Undulat (Parakeets) og Føde (Food).

An important point of the exhibition was to show these original drawings, water colours, and illustrations in connection with the written word - all installed in a evocative scenery that called for contemplation.


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