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Asger Jorn and highlights from the collection

With this presentation of works from our collections, Museum Jorn would like to take you on a tour of Asger Jornís artistic universe. The exhibition uncovers Jornís practical work methods and techniques as well as disclosing the artistic ideas behind his works.

Jorn was enormously productive. He painted, drew, made prints, ceramics, tapestries, collages, and decorative projects. Moreover, he published a wealth of books and articles. Working Alongside Jorn sets out to explore the many different aspects of Jornís artistic production.

Everyday life
Jorn was interested in ways of socialising and depicted conflicts, discussions, love scenes, and power relations. His works are about emotions, moods, and interpersonal situations. Jorn does not beautify human life, but shows it to us no holds barred. It is possible, therefore, to look for ordinary everyday situations in his pictures.

Several meanings
Asger Jorn believed that pictures can be interpreted in numerous ways. He wrote: ĎThis is why I use titles very carelessly while also being very careful not to clarify excessively, not giving a painting a too precise and unambiguous meaning, at least always making the title ambiguous, allowing the viewer to look for a message in the picture unencumbered by a title insisting that you take this or that view.í Jorn wants us to explore his pictures and discover our own stories about them.

Process and technique
Jorn played and experimented with his material, preoccupied with elements of chance and spontaneity in the work process. He rolled small balls covered in paint across the paper and dripped paint from the top of a ladder. He scratched the paint and made art of old posters. To him, both the process and the result were important. You can see and try out several of Jornís techniques in this exhibition.

Jorn was a networker and established several artistsí groups in his lifetime. These were often working communities where the artists together explored and discussed the essence of art. Sometimes they also made joint pictures. The exhibition shows Jornís art as well as works by the artists he worked with or who inspired him.

Asger Jornís art was not meant for decorative purposes. He and his artist colleagues were convinced that art can make a difference. Art presents the world in new perspectives. To Jorn, art was neither entertainment nor decoration, but a means that could change society. The texts and archive materials in the exhibition indicate what the artistsí wanted with their pictures.

It takes time to look at pictures. You need to accustom yourself to it. In the same way that time is needed to go to the cinema or to read a book. Each picture opens the way for many different stories depending on oneís own background. May we suggest that you lose yourself in the pictures and spend time studying the works and the techniques.


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