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Asger Jorn: The Wind Takes Us Away, 1970

Asger Jorn | Condensed

From the collection

17 February - 25 July 2015

The exhibition showed Asger Jornís artistic development in a concentrated version. Including works of art from his early years in Silkeborg and Paris and the large masterpieces Stalingrad and The Long Journey.

Even though the exhibition Per Kirkeby | Complete took up most of the museumís exhibition space, visitors could still experience a reduced presentation of Asger Jornís own works in dialogue with other artists from the museumís collection.
Central aspects of Jornís art were displayed with examples of the artistic groups and networks he was a part of throughout the years Ė both in Denmark and internationally. In other words, you could experience the main traits in Jornís artistic development.

Illustration: Asger Jorn: The Wind Takes Us Away, 1970
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