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52 newly discovered works by Asger Jorn

With this exhibition, Museum Jorn is pleased to present 52 newly-discovered linocuts by Asger Jorn (1914-73). The pictures date from c.1933-39 and include illustrations, family portraits, political satire, and an abstract composition.

The 52 works are created from Jornís hand-cut lino plates mounted on wooden blocks and used for printing. Jorn left them in a suitcase with his brother Vagn Ove Jorn in Silkeborg, probably sometime during the 1940s, instructing him to take good care of them. Here they remained unnoticed for all these years in a suitcase in the basement of his brotherís house, but when Vagn Ove died in 2012 and the house had to be cleared, the family contacted Museum Jorn.

The lino sheets were made roughly between 1934-39, most of them cut before Jorn left for Paris in 1936. At that time, Jorn lived in Silkeborg and, to start with, his linocuts were printed in the scout magazine Luren and the school magazine Maal og Mærke. Later on, some of his series were printed in the Marxist journal Frem. Nevertheless, most of the 52 linocuts were not previously known and are not listed, therefore, in the catalogue of prints by Jorn.

As a whole, the works provide a unique glimpse of the young artistís passionate engagement in social issues. They are characterised by being created at a time of upheaval where everyone had to choose side. The new works reveal an artist who is politically expressive almost to the point of agitating, but who is also humorous and deeply engaged in contemporary life and the problems faced by himself and the world at large. These pictures show the beginnings of the imaginative and story-telling imagery which was to bring Jorn untold fame.

The exhibition shows the original newly discovered printing plates and the prints made from them. The latter were made with great care at the Danish copperplate printerís Borch Jensen by hand, since the original plates are extremely fragile.


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