About Per Kirkeby

The Per Kirkeby Archive

Thanks to a generous gift from the artist himself and AROS, Aarhus Art Museum, the Per Kirkeby Archive can this day be found at Museum Jorn in Silkeborg. Aarhus Art Museum is a pure treasure trove created by the artist himself and gives unique insight into his creative processes and mindset.

The Per Kirkeby Archive consists of tens of thousands of records, such as photographs, notebooks, sketches, correspondances, diaries, publications by and about Kirkeby, filmmaterial and manuscripts, newspapercuttings, posters, plaster models, prints, bookcovers, personal objects, tools, and travel inventory.

Before and after the archive was transferred from Aarhus to Silkeborg, Per Kirkeby furthermore donated a colossal amount of records and art to Museum Jorn. By this his archive is equal to that of Asger Jorn.

The Per Kirkeby Archive has gotten new, transparent rooms in the museums exhibition wing and is accessible by appointment.


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