World Cup in Three Sided Football

Together with the International Three Sided Football Federation Museum Jorn will be hosting the first World Cup in Three Sided Football ever held – and you are invited to participate. Teams from 8 different European countries will participate in the World Cup tournament taking place Saturday 24th May.
The event - taking place from Friday 23rd May until Sunday 25th May - will start off by a symposium held at the Museum Jorn Friday 23rd May, where important players, thinkers of triolectic football, and players within the development of the game will be brought together. Asger Jorn being the originator of the game, Museum Jorn is delighted to bring the game back to its roots in Silkeborg.
The symposium held Friday (sold out) as well as the World Cup tournament held Saturday are public events.
Don’t miss the first Three Sided Football World Cup.


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