Based on Asger Jorn's ideas about curiosity, imagination, collaboration and creativity, Museum Jorn offers a family visit where children and adults - together - can experience art in an active way.

About family activities
At Museum Jorn it doesn't matter whether you are 4 years old or 99 - everyone can be inspired by the experimental art from the collection and even try out some of Asger Jorn's working methods and techniques. We initiate creative processes, play and open experiments and invite everyone to experience art with an open curious mind and a critical eye. We go behind Jorn's thoughts and unfold his ideas and creativity in a contemporary perspective.

Open workshop
Families can have a lot of fun while learning about art and techniques in the open workshop. Here, kids and adults can try out artistic experiments and techniques together. The workshop is build with different working stations, each of which unfolds an important aspect in terms of understanding Asger Jorn's artistic project. The activities in the open workshop change continuously and are related to the current exhibitions. It is free to use the workshop after paid admission.

In the galleries and exhibition areas of Museum Jorn you will meet different DIY-Stations. Each station is design for an interactive experience of Asger Jorn's art.
Triolectic Football: Learn about Jorn's artistic ideas by playing Triolectic Football with three teams outside in the courtyard.
Lightdrawings: Grab the flashlight and make your own lightdrawing like Jorn and Picasso did. Try out the technique with your own body in the lightdrawing machine and get a print to take home with you as a souvenir.
Graphic Station: Learn about graphic art techniques at the Graphic Station, which is designed as a big working table with real tools and ink. Watch the process of intaglio prints and lithography and make your own digital version.

Children's Expedition Guide
If you want inspiration for talking about artworks, you can follow the Children's Expedition Guide around the museum. It's a small book (in Danish only) with conversation questions, drawing exercises and other easy tasks, that will make you look more closely at the artworks and give you a new perspective on art. The Children's Expedition Guide can be picked up at the reception.

Practical Info for families with young children
Prams and larger strollers can be stored in the museum's pram parking area. It is possible to borrow smaller prams or use your own small stroller. Please ask at the reception.
Baby changing tables: Available in the museum's basement in connection with toilets (both in men's room and ladies room)
Food and drinks: Can be purchased in the café, but if you need to give a small child something brought to eat or drink, this is of course OK.


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