Open workshop

Open workshop

Tuesday - Sunday from 22 January until 31 August 2019

In our open workshop you and your family can create experiments from the book “100 Jorn-eksperimenter vi kan lave derhjemme ved køkkenbordet” which Museum Jorn launched last autumn. The experiments in the book take the artworks, work methods and artistic universe of Asger Jorn as starting point and intend to inspire children and their family to play and be creative and through that enhance the enjoyment of life.

The open workshop is an interactive section where activities and materials are freely available. On screens in the workshop you can see videos with Jacinta from the TV channel for children “Ramasjang” who shows how to make the creative experiments. Both children and adults can join – you can make the experiments separately or in teams.

You are allowed to take your experiments home with you, but you can also hang them in our workshop as decoration. We are very grateful if you share photos of your experiments on Instagram with the hashtag #100xjorn.

Practical information
The workshop is open whithin Museum Jorns opening hours, but can be busy by scheduled workshops for schools and the like. Groups of more than 8 people, who wish to use the workshop, can schedule a time for this. Contact the reception on telephone: 86825388 before your visit.

It is free to use the workshop after paid museum entrance.
Children in the museum and the workshop must be accompanied by an adult.


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