New Museum Jorn in the center of Silkeborg

The city of Silkeborg and Museum Jorn wishes in close cooperation to develop a new Museum Jorn in the city center. The project involves both a new location of Museum Jorn in the center of Silkeborg as well as a brand new museum concept that reflects Asger Jorn's visionary thoughts and serves as an artistic powerhouse locally as well as internationally.

Museum Jorn, with its art collection and history, presents an unprecedented potential as a main attraction in Silkeborg and as a catalyst for local innovation, visibility and branding. The museum works purposefully to bring Silkeborg to the forefront internationally with ambitious exhibitions, innovative dissemination and extraordinary experiences. Nonetheless, the current location, space and architectural framework of the museum causes that the potential of the museum and its artists is far from fully utilized.

A new Museum Jorn, with a new location and outstanding architecture, will reflect Asger Jorn's visionary thoughts. A new Museum Jorn will create an artistic powercenter unparalleled, which will add to the quality of life of each citizen through creativity and art. The starting point is a Museum Jorn, which is based on the idea that art and creativity can change our lives.

A new Museum Jorn will be part of the city development in Silkeborg. As a beating heart in the city center, it will be a natural gathering point that connects the districts together and activates the urban space. With a wealth of experiences and activities, a new Museum Jorn will literally make art and creativity a focal point for the whole city's life.

The three-year development project Silkeborg Colored by Jorn has developed an idea catalogue that will be included in the further process.

If you want to know more about the process behind New Museum Jorn in the center or have other questions - please contact Mette Hanghøi, Project Coordinator Museum Jorn:

If you do not go to the extremes, then there is no need to go.

(Asger Jorn, 1941)


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