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Pop-up Exhibition: Gellerup Clay

27 April – 10 June 2018

Can soil from the Gellerup Plan housing estate be used for cups and bowls? This was the question put to the students at the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts ceramics department by the ceramicist Ane Fabricius Christiansen and the visual artist Helle Kingbird Bjerregaard.

They had one ton of soil from a building site in Gellerup brought to the yard of the former tobacco factory which now houses the Academy. For several weeks, eleven students worked to extract clay from the soil; the first-semester students worked collectively to create utility objects while third-semester students engaged in individual examination of the clay.

The results are now exhibited here at Museum Jorn, the idea being to direct focus on the lengthy processing necessary before the clay can be used to make ceramic objects. From an economic perspective, it makes no sense to dig clay from the Gellerup Plan. The clay contained a lot of chalk, which makes firing difficult. A very lengthy process was required, therefore, before the students could present their results: a series of fine, but hardly dishwasher-proof cups and bowls.

Photographer: Liv Moeslund


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