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10. February - 10. June 2018

With the exhibition CLAY! Museum Jorn proudly presents 9 internationally renowned artists who all work experimentally and innovatively with clay as a material. They work with raw, unfired clay in large installations and physically challenging performances. They create monumental installations with sculptures in raw or glazed clay, and they give the audience a chance to become part of their projects.

Almost 60 years have passed since Asger Jorn drove his scooter through the soft clay in a backyard in Albissola, Italy, making clear marks with the tires in the great relief. Back then, Jorn invited his artist friends from all over the world to join him in the small Northern Italian coastal town to experiment with the clay in the city’s pottery workshops. During his lifetime, Asger Jorn was one of the most radical and pioneering in the field of ceramics. He transformed the ancient craft traditions and began to explore expressive, spontaneous, and experimental ways of working with clay and glazes.

Now, the time has come to take a closer look on the role clay plays in the art world today. Thus, Museum Jorn has invited 9 of the most pioneering and innovative artists to produce new art works in clay for the exhibition in Silkeborg. Common for all artists is that they all work with strategies similar to the ones of Asger Jorn. At the same time they are highly innovative, constantly challenging our perception of the expressive and applicatory possibilities of clay.

The participating artists are: Miquel Barceló (E), William Cobbing (UK), Alexandra Engelfriet (NL), Lawrence Epps (UK), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Brie Ruais (US), Marien Schouten (NL), Clare Twomey (UK), og Anne Wenzel (NL).


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