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PER KIRKEBY: Machines for Light and Shadow

1 September - 9 December 2018

In the autumn of 2018, Denmark’s most influential artist internationally, Per Kirkeby, would have turned 80. Museum Jorn marks the date with a large retrospective exhibition dedicated to the artist’s work with brick sculpture and projects of an architectural nature through more than 50 years.

The first part of the exhibition, focusing on the artist’s innovative and still relevant application of bricks in a minimalistic sculptural form, is a first ever juxtaposition of 18 of a total 36 brick sculptures originally realised as temporary projects in several European cities between 1966 and 2017. The presentation of the reconstructed historical brick sculptures from Paris, Nantes, London, Münster, Essen, and Copenhagen, respectively, are accompanied by much hitherto unknown material, including drawings and archival material providing a comprehensive glimpse into Per Kirkeby’s playful artistic practice and complex work development.

Based on the artist’s unusual inspirational universe of childhood experiences, nature, geology, and the history of art and architecture, the second part of the exhibition sheds light on Per Kirkeby’s work as an architect. Much of the artist’s own inspirational material, including architectural models, drawings, sketches, and documents will be on display, illustrating the artist’s ideas about the aesthetic relationship between art and buildings. The architectural section of the exhibition will be divided into various thematic sections with a juxtaposition of Kirkeby’s realised private and public construction projects as well as those that were not realised.

The exhibition ’PER KIRKEBY. Machines for Light and Shadow’ gives the audience a unique opportunity to experience some of Kirkeby’s most influential brick projects in a compact and balanced context. It prepares the ground for a discussion of the relationship between sculpture and architecture, providing a basis for an examination of the relevance of Per Kirkeby’s brick projects for the Danish and international public.

The exhibition is generously supported by:

Knud Højgaards Fond
Det Obelske Familiefond
Augustinus Fonden
SparNord Fonden
Det Nissenske Familiefond
Egernsund Tegl
Murerfirmaet Lundby A/S
Gustav Hansen A/S
Gødvad Murerforretning
College360° Silkeborg
Petersen Tegl
Jyske Bank

ALL PRIVATE- Asger Jorn's Jewellery

18 AUGUST - 21 October 2018

Museum Jorn will soon open the exhibition "ALL PRIVATE - Asger Jorn’s Jewellery" which reveals a hitherto unknown side of Asger Jorn, featuring over 25 pieces of jewellery which he created and gave to the women in his life.

A neglected and, to most people, unknown side of Jorn’s oeuvre comprises the very personal pieces of jewellery which he himself made, designed and had made for the women in his life; three wives, daughters, sisters and girlfriends. Unlike many contemporary artists Jorn did not produce entire series of jewellery intended for sale; he put his heart into the making and giving of each individual piece. Intimacy, separation and strife are the themes and driving forces in Jorn’s jewellery production.

After years of work Museum Jorn has succeeded in bringing together the great majority amounting to more than 25 pieces of silver, copper and ceramic jewellery.

Starting in the early years in Paris in the 1930s, Jorn created a wide range of wholly original and personal pieces, often unlike any other kind of jewellery. His inspiration came from a variety of sources: impressions from the lively artistic circles in the 30s that boasted figures such as Miró, Picasso, Léger and Paul Klee. He also drew inspiration from the stylised expression of ritual masks and, finally, from the more symbolic and erotically charged imagery of surrealism. Gradually, using strong colours as a key element, Jorn also achieved artistic emancipation in his jewellery; and the ‘rawness’ of the pieces is clear evidence of their having been shaped by human hands.

Several of the pieces can be seen as specific comments on Jorn’s current circumstances, such as new-found love, break-ups, pregnancy and birth, just as some of them foreshadow coming farewells.

Most of the pieces that Jorn created have been successfully tracked down and can now be displayed for the first time. The exhibition was only made possible because of generous loans from a great number of private lenders.

The exhibition is curated by museum director Jacob Thage, who in the accompanying catalogue examines the biographical context of the various pieces of jewellery and Jorn’s circumstances at the time of their creation, while also contextualising them within the historical framework of jewellery design.


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