Café Cobra


Café Menu – selection of food

Lunch Tuesday – Sunday from 12.00 – 15.00

Creamy tomato soup….. 89,-
Served with homemade bread and butter

Rye bread sandwich….. 98,-
With hot smoked salmon cream, kale, lime, grated carrot and honey-Dijon dressing

Cobra lunch….. 135,-
Choose between Falafel or Danish meatballs
Turmeric fried potatoes with aioli or carrot curls
Red cabbage salad with blackcurrant
Kale with lime and sprouts
Soy roasted seeds
Homemade bread with butter

Café menu – Coffee shop
Open when needed

Coffee and cake

Croissant….. 20,-
Butter or chocolate

Homemade bun….. 45,-
With butter, cheese, brie and fruit

Evening Thursday from 18.00 – 20.00

Creamy tomato soup….. 89,-
Served with homemade bread and butter

The Long Journey – Tapas….. 165,-
Hot smoked salmon from Katrinedal with aioli and sprouts
Melon and cured ham
Paté with bell pepper cream and olives
Fennel sausage with pesto
Brie and fruit
Something sweet

Hot drinks

Organic tea and coffee
Tea, Pukka .....25,-
Black Coffee ..... 30,-
Espresso ..... 30,-
Cafe Latte ..... 35,-
Cappuccino ..... 35,-
Hot chocolate ..... 35,-

Cold Drinks

Bottled Water ..... 20,-
Brick of julce, organic ..... 20,-
Juice, organic ..... 35,-
Beer, organic ..... 40,-
Wine, organic ..... 40,-/180,-

We cook from our core values: Quality products - hostmanship - passion for poetic food


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